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Small Pieces of our Work

  • A statewide university system with 4 campuses retained Smith & Company to conduct benchmark research to provide insight into how the System and its universities were perceived by a variety of constituents. The results of this research revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the individual campuses and system that affected public perception and image, as well as offered insights into opportunities inherent in the competitive higher education market. The end result of this research was used to develop and implement a strategic marketing and communications plan designed to position the system and its four campuses to generate an ongoing base of interested and qualified candidates.
  • One of the country's largest Statewide Bar Associations retained us to conduct an in-depth study of the Future of the Legal Profession. We conducted in-depth focus groups with selected members of the legal profession, examined readily available secondary market research from the American Bar Association and conducted primary research among industry leaders and educators. The final result was an actionable document detailing study findings and making recommendations for programmatic changes within the legal profession.
  • Special Olympics International retained Smith & Company to ascertain the economic impact that the World Games (the world's largest sporting event) has on the host city and surrounding areas. We conducted over 1,500 in-person interviews with attendees, accessed secondary research from local economic agencies and developed an economic model that provided Special Olympics with a determination of what the Games added to the local economy.
  • A regional financial institution retained Smith & Company to assess it's market position, determine how its customer base differed demographically from its competitors and how effective its advertising campaign had been (we've done over 50 of these studies). By combining focus group interviews with customer and non-customers along with a telephone survey of residents of the bank's primary trade area we delivered concise and insightful findings and made cost-effective recommendations to improve the bank's marketing programs.