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Still Edgy After All These Years…

Smith & Company was formed in 1984 to provide to provide innovative and insightful market research and planning services to companies wishing to cost-effectively improve their bottom line. We have served financial institutions, hospitals, colleges utilities, bar associations, manufacturers and more.

Our solutions are based upon an in-depth understanding of our client's needs and market position and are tailored to their specific situation. After 27 years we remain on the cutting edge of marketing trends working to continually adapt to the ever-changing world of marketing communications.

Non-Traditional Research…Jumping Off the Shelves

While we offer a full menu of market research services such as:

  • Targeted telephone, mail, online and social media surveys designed to ensure that you always reach the right market cost effectively.
  • Insightful focus group interviews, online panels and direct mail research.
  • Benchmark research to evaluate your brand strength, market position, opportunities and obstacles.

Not Gathering Dust…

There is nothing traditional about how we design our research or interpret the results. Our research methodologies are creative and produce actionable, well-documented results. Our reports are not designed to gather dust on your shelves. They are working documents that provide a blueprint to enhance your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing

Through our exclusive relationship with USA Web Solutions we are able to provide two cutting-edge marketing programs.

  • Brand Reputation Monitoring: This program provides banks with regular reports on what people are saying about them through various social media networks (Face Book, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.). Additionally we track what people are saying about banks and banking in general (you may find a use for this as well).
  • Online Service Visibility: Using Pay-Per-Click technology and Search Engine Marketing, we can deliver bank prospects directly to a bank's landing page. This provides a very cost-effective marketing vehicle that is targeted specifically to their geographic and demographic markets.