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Just for Banks

We have been providing hard-hitting, cost-effective and actionable market research to community banks and financial services companies of all sizes for 25+ years. We are experts in the field.

We can provide:

  • Market Surveys to help you to better understand your position in the market and the banking motivators for customers and non-customers.
  • Strategy to help you to acquire, cross sell and retain your best customer segments.
  • Focus Group Interviews (check out our section on Immersion Groups) to develop hypotheses on banking issues or to test advertising concepts.
  • A determination of market potential for new or existing branch locations.
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of your marketing programs.

There is no learning curve with Smith & Company. We know bank marketing and we look forward to partnering with you on your next assignment.

DataBank – The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Intelligence That You Will Find…

DataBank is a unique subscription service designed to provide financial institutions with updated quarterly information on consumer attitudes and banking habits within their specific geographic trade area for a fraction of what they would spend on traditional primary research. It is the most cost-effective way for a bank to stay abreast of its market position, consumer banking habits and attitudes and its customer profile.
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How does DataBank work?

  • Randomly selected consumers are surveyed on an ongoing basis online and by telephone to assure that we get a sample that is representative of the population in a specific geographic area.
  • Participating financial institutions can purchase the results of these interviews for specific towns. Generally Financial Institutions will purchase data for towns in which they have branches or for which branches are planned.
  • On a quarterly basis participating Financial Institutions can receive the data in two ways. We will deliver the results electronically in standardized data tables that will allow you to see the results of each question cross-tabbed against relevant demographic and geographic segments. Additionally we will provide results in an Excel format that will allow you to tabulate and analyze the data as needed.
  • Each quarter a participating FI will receive the results of that quarter plus aggregated results for the year. This reporting format will provide a snapshot of the previous quarter as well as an ever-expanding sample universe that continues to improve the statistical validity of the results.

What DataBank Does for You..

The questionnaire consists of core questions in the following areas:

  • Unaided Top of Mind Awareness of Banks
  • Unaided Advertising Awareness of Banks
  • Primary Bank Used x Account Type
  • Other Banks Used x Account Type
  • Last Bank Added x Account Type
  • Reasons for Bank Selection
  • Banking Habits/Patterns – In-Person, Online. Mobile
  • Satisfaction with Current Bank(s)
  • Loyalty Scores – Compared to Peer Financial Institutions
  • Reasons for Satisfaction/Lack of Satisfaction
  • Propensity to Change Banks
  • Frequency of Online Banking
  • Usage of Mobile Banking Applications
  • Influence of Social Media on Bank Image/Selection
    • Source of Information Credibility
  • Demographic Profiles
    • Age
    • Household Composition
    • Income
    • Education
    • Marital Status
    • Gender

Proprietary Questions

Participating financial institutions will have the option of adding proprietary questions each quarter for an additional fee. Results of these interviews will only be delivered to that institution.

Customer Information

Participating financial institutions can add customer names to the sample for an additional fee. Results of these interviews will only be delivered to that institution.

What Does DataBank Cost?

The cost to participate in DataBank is dependent upon the number of interviews purchased and the number of Financial Institutions that share the specific town information. We will prepare a specific quote for your review. Click here and we'll call to discuss our program in greater depth