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Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is a respected marketing veteran who has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of a $1 Billion regional financial institution and for over 25+ years as the head of Smith & Company. He is known for producing actionable market research and for his creative approaches to marketing issues. For the past 25+ years Smith & Company has served a broad client base consisting of financial institutions, hospitals, colleges and universities, tourism agencies, utilities and more.

Smith has designed research and marketing programs for national and international organizations like Holland America Cruise Lines, Avis, Disney and Dominos He coordinated all of the market research for the Special Olympics World Games, the largest sporting event in the world, has served as Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics Connecticut and received the Susan St. James Award for Leadership from this prestigious organization. He has served as the Chairman of the American Bankers' Association National Market Research Conference.

A graduate of Syracuse University Smith holds an M.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

"I have worked with Steve Smith on various marketing projects at two banks for over 20 years, He is always responsive and his work consistently outstanding. He has a complete understanding of market research, runs insightful focus groups, and understands all aspects of marketing, media and advertising. Steve is creative, produces high quality work and finds cost effective solutions. He truly knows all aspects of marketing and advertising and is able to translate marketing data into impactful marketing plans. Very few people have such a well rounded and complete background in marketing" 
 Charles F. Howell, President, The Wilton Bank

and Company

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